This online training was researched and written by Legal Momentum.  An effort of this magnitude comes to fruition only with the help of many people.  Their names are listed below:

Lynn Hecht Schafran, Esq.
Senior Vice President, Legal Director, and Director of the National Judicial Education Program

Jennifer M. Becker, Esq.
Deputy Legal Director and Senior Attorney
Project Director, Helping Sexual Assault Victims Navigate the Criminal Justice System

Lena Barsky
Program Manager

Lauren Bunce
Intern 2016

Juliet Chritsimilios
Legal Intern 2016-2017

Arielle Schoen
Intern 2017

Taylor Miller
Intern 2017

Akanksha Ray
Intern 2018

For their ideas and assistance in the early phases of this project we thank Claudia Bayliff, Esq. and Claudia Kelly Dixon, Esq.

For her ongoing support during the development of this project we thank Neelam Patel, Office on Violence Against Women Team Lead for Training and Technical Assistance.

For their expertise, collaboration, and commitment to this project we thank the team at Clever Name Here, especially Ilana Offen and Sam Nelson.